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Units of Credit

Continuing Studies courses carry Continuing Studies units of credit, which is different than the type of credits earned by undergraduate/graduate students. Transferability of Continuing Studies courses to other programs are subject to the receiving institution's policies. Units cannot be applied toward any Stanford degree. Generally, 10 hours of instruction are equal to one unit; a course's description will list the number of units that it carries.

During course registration, students must choose a Grade Option (see "Grade" section below). Students will only earn the course units if they select the Credit/No Credit or Letter Grade option.

We do not provide individual course completion certificates. An official transcript is Stanford University's documentation of your academic record. A transcript records all courses, units of credit earned, and grades that a student has taken through our program. Official transcripts can be ordered online via one's student account, and unofficial transcripts are printable from the website if one simply wants to look at a list of their courses. 

Please note: If you select the No Grade Requested (NGR) option for a course, that course will not appear on an official transcript nor on grade reports, and no units will be awarded.


Students are required to select a Grade Option during the course registration process. Most courses have three grading options to choose from:
  • Letter Grade (A, B, C, D, No Pass) - A final paper, or other assigned work, is required.
  • Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) - Attendance and participation (as determined by the instructor) is required. This is similar to other schools' Pass/Fail option.
  • No Grade Requested (NGR) - No work is required; no credit shall be received; no proof of attendance can be provided. (Not suitable for those requiring proof of attendance/completion.)

Select your Grade Option carefully. If you require proof that you completed a Continuing Studies course for any reason (for example, employer reimbursement), you must choose either the Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit option. Courses taken for NGR will not appear on official transcripts nor on grade reports. You cannot change grading options after you complete a course.

Note on assignment extensions (typically only for Letter Grade students): If extenuating circumstances arise, a student may request to take an “Incomplete” only if the instructor agrees to accept and grade the assignment at a later date. The student and the instructor must agree upon a firm deadline, but this should be no later than three weeks after the last class session. If the work is not completed by the deadline, the instructor will give Credit (CR) if appropriate, or default to No Grade Requested (NGR).

Students may change their grade option any time before the last class meeting as long as it is reasonable to do so. For example, if assignments have been due and the student has not been meeting those requirements, they probably wouldn't want to seek a grade at that point.
  Grades are viewable and printable via your online student account. Please allow two weeks after a course has ended for grades to be posted.