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Celebration of Mind

EVT 612
Oct 19
7:30 pm
CEMEX Auditorium, GSB Knight Management Center
Status: No Registration Required
Martin Gardner was considered one of the preeminent magicians of the 20th century, an expert on Lewis Carroll, a champion puzzler, and the creator of recreational mathematics. Every year, mathematicians, magicians, and artists gather from around the country for Celebration of Mind to play, perform, and provoke the pleasures of mathematics, perception, and illusion—all in the spirit of Gardner. The Celebration of Mind event at Stanford includes an artist, a magician, and a mathematician, who will lead a delightfully entertaining evening of performances in a lightly mathematical setting. Jim Gardner, Martin Gardner's son, will make a special guest appearance to commence the event.

Alexa Meade, Artist

Alexa Meade is unlike any other artist; she paints on people, turning them into living, breathing portraits. Meade creates the illusion of a world where 2D and 3D become one. She has many examples of mathematically inspired work building on ideas of illusion, patterns, and self-reference.

Mark Mitton, Magician

Mark Mitton is a professional magician who is fascinated by the way magic can help us understand how we see the world. In addition to creating magic for film, TV, and theater, he has extensively explored themes of perception and misdirection from an interdisciplinary standpoint. Mitton’s work finds provocative connections between magic and mathematics.

Tadashi Tokieda, Mathematician

Tadashi Tokieda is a professor of mathematics at Stanford who explores how ordinary objects can exhibit extraordinarily puzzling behavior. These objects, Tokieda’s “toys,” reveal surprises of mathematics and physics in ways that cultivate our curiosity and captivate our imagination.
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