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Spring Quarter

Spring Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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We thank you again for your understanding and patience as we work to respond to ongoing health concerns surrounding COVID-19. Rather than having to cancel on-campus courses altogether, we are happy to say that many instructors are eager to offer a virtual version of their course using Zoom, a videoconferencing tool.

This Spring Quarter, we have two styles of courses for students:

  • Virtual Courses: Our traditional on-campus courses have transitioned to virtual courses to
    offer a remote learning experience that resembles the on-campus classroom experience.
    These classes feature live lectures and discussions with instructors. The courses will meet
    at their originally scheduled day and time. The live lectures will not be recorded.
    Learn more > Virtual Courses FAQs
  • Online Courses: Courses that offer on-demand video lectures and optional weekly meetings with
    the instructor and fellow students. Learn more > Online Courses FAQs

There are still many late-start courses available for registration this Spring Quarter. Open courses are listed below.

Open courses that begin the week of April 6:
4/9/20: Become a Data CEO: A Framework for Mastering Data and Driving Innovation
4/9/20: Project Management for Continuous Innovation
4/11/20: Preparing to Publish in Today's Market
Open courses that begin the week of April 13:
4/13/20: Explorations in Mixed Media: Unleashing Creativity Through Daily Practice
4/13/20: Beginning Programming in Python: An Online Course
4/13/20: Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat
4/14/20: Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
4/14/20: Accelerate Your Startup Idea
4/15/20: Cloud Computing and Subscription Models: Selling and Marketing SaaS Solutions to the Enterprise
4/16/20: Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning, Human-Centered AI, and Beyond
4/18/20: Critical Communication Skills in Negotiation
Open courses that begin the week of April 20:
4/20/20: Travel Photography: Around the Corner and Around the World
4/20/20: The Brontë Sisters: Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights
4/20/20: The Archaeology of Human Diets: Ancient Origins, Modern Science
4/20/20: An Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design in Product Leadership and Management
4/20/20: Business Presence and Persuasion: Communication for Effectiveness
4/21/20: What's Next? Strategies for Identifying Your Ideal Career Path
4/25/20: Writing Our Way Forward: An Online Mindfulness and Writing Retreat
4/25/20: The Beatles: Four Extraordinary Albums That Transformed Pop Music
4/25/20: An Introduction to Anatomy at the Stanford School of Medicine: Exploring the Lower Limb
4/25/20: Early Stage Investing in Startups
4/25/20: Vitality Essentials: How to Live Your Best Possible Life
Open courses that begin the week of April 27:
4/27/20: Game On! How Gaming Can Motivate You and Your Customers
4/27/20: Science Writing for a General Audience: From Concept to Publication
4/28/20: The Internet and Psychological Health: Sanity in a Digital Life
4/30/20: Nutrition: A Personalized Approach
5/2/20: Pitch and Publish Your Nonfiction Stories
5/2/20: Financial Advisors: Finding and Evaluating Your Perfect Match
5/2/20: Effective Nonverbal Communication
5/2/20: Five Steps to Build a Most Lovable Product
5/2/20: Public Speaking Essentials for Women Leaders: A Design-Based Approach
5/2/20: Financial Advisors: Finding and Evaluating Your Perfect Match
Open courses that begin the week of May 4:
5/4/20: The Creative Habit: Cultivating a Daily Writing Practice
5/4/20: The Poet’s Way
5/4/20: Social Media Marketing
5/5/20: Exploring Creative Mindfulness
5/9/20: Product Management in the Artificial Intelligence Era
5/9/20: Knowing Ourselves: Exploring the Enneagram
5/9/20: Writing Our Way Forward: An Online Mindfulness and Writing Retreat
Open courses that begin the week of May 25:
5/30/20: Solving Climate Change: Promising Solutions for the 21st Century
5/30/20: Building Successful Products and Careers with Agile Product Management