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Spring Quarter

Spring Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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There are still late-start courses available for registration this Spring Quarter. Enroll today!

Courses and workshops that begin the week of April 19:
4/19/21: Innovation Timing: A Toolkit for Discovering, Evaluating, and Creating Technology Opportunities
4/19/21: An Introduction to Painting Portraits
4/19/21: Business Presence and Persuasion: Communication for Effectiveness
4/20/21: Technology and Psychological Health: Sanity in a Digital Life
4/21/21: Dickens's Masterpiece: David Copperfield
4/22/21: Longing for Longevity: From Biology to Biohacking
4/22/21: Think on Your Feet: An Improviser’s Guide to Business and Communication
4/22/21: Social Dancing Through Time: From the Pavan to Disco
4/23/21: Critical Communication Skills in Negotiation
4/24/21: Hidden Secrets: Exploring Maps from the Early Modern Era
4/24/21: Early Stage Investing for Investors
4/24/21: An Introduction to Anatomy at the Stanford School of Medicine: Exploring the Urinary System
Courses and workshops that begin the week of April 26:
4/27/21: Build Applications Without Programming: The No-Code Revolution
4/28/21: Cloud Computing and Subscription Models: Selling and Marketing SaaS Solutions to the Enterprise
4/29/21: Mind Stretching: How to Generate and Build Great Ideas
4/29/21: The Right to Speak: Finding and Freeing Your Natural Voice
4/29/21: Fundamentals of High-Performance Leadership
4/29/21: Artful Design: How We Shape Technology and How Technology Shapes Us
4/29/21: Blockchain, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and More: Meet the New Technologies Shaping Our World
5/1/21: Planning for Your Late-Life Brain: Habits You Can Build Now to Improve Cognitive Function Later
5/1/21: Knowing Ourselves: Exploring the Enneagram
5/1/21: Four by Sondheim: Company, Follies, Sweeney Todd, and Sunday in the Park with George
5/2/21: Digital Food Photography: An Introduction to Shooting and Styling
Courses and workshops that begin the week of May 3:
5/3/21: Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat
5/3/21: The Poet’s Way
5/3/21: Social Media Marketing
5/3/21: Explorations in Mixed Media: Unleashing Creativity Through Daily Practice
5/3/21: The Creative Habit: Cultivating a Daily Writing Practice
5/3/21: The Daily Photograph: Developing Your Creative Intuition
5/3/21: Choosing Happiness
5/3/21: Leadership Skills for Women: Advocate for More
5/4/21: Mindfulness and Creative Writing
5/4/21: Banish Your Inner Critic to Power Your Productivity
5/6/21: Nutrition: A Personalized Approach
Courses and workshops that begin the week of May 10:
5/15/21: Building Successful Products and Careers with Agile Product Management