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Fall Quarter

Fall Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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There are still late-start courses available for registration this Fall Quarter. Enroll today!

Courses that begin the week of October 18:
10/18/21: Immune Health Basics
10/18/21: The Iliad
10/18/21: Explorations in Mixed Media: Unleashing Creativity Through Daily Practice
10/18/21: Building Financial Security Through Your Life Stages
10/18/21: An Introduction to Oil Painting
10/18/21: The Power of Sleep
10/19/21: Mindsets Matter: Strategies for Improving Your Performance, Health, and Well-Being
10/19/21: Your Leadership Journey: Self-Reflections and Practices for Growth
10/19/21: Mindfulness and Creative Writing
10/19/21: No Critics, No Fear: Write a Novel in Thirty Days
10/23/21: Five Steps to Building a Most Lovable Product
10/23/21: Planning for Your Late-Life Brain: Habits You Can Build Now to Improve Cognitive Function Later
Courses that begin the week of October 25:
10/25/21: The Poet’s Way
10/25/21: Social Media Marketing
10/27/21: How to Enhance Your Vitality: A Scientific, Social, and Spiritual Approach
10/27/21: Think on Your Feet: An Improviser’s Guide to Business and Communication
10/28/21: Hidden Secrets: Exploring Maps from the Early Modern Era
Courses that begin in November:
11/5/21: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
11/6/21: Work Lean and Take Charge of Your Day
11/6/21: Coaching: The Indispensable Leadership Skill
11/13/21: Ketogenic Diets and Intermittent Fasting: Fads, Facts, and Fiction
11/13/21: Conversational Intelligence: Increase Your Impact
11/13/21: Memorable Storytelling: Mastering a Powerful Business Tool
11/13/21: War and Peace in Israel and Palestine
11/14/21: iPhoneography: The Next Level
11/19/21: Critical Communication Skills in Negotiation
11/20/21: A Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence