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Fall Quarter

Fall Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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There are many late-start courses still available for registration this Fall quarter. Enroll today!

Courses & workshops starting the week of October 16:
10/16/17: The Aeneid
10/21/17: Planning for 21st-Century Retirement
10/21/17: Estate Planning in Plain English
10/21/17: Unleashing Your Creative Leadership: The Four Intelligences
10/21/17: A Doorway into a Dream: Beginnings in Fiction
Courses & workshops starting the week of October 23:
10/28/17: Creating Memorable, Misbehaving, and Quirky Characters in Stories for Children and Young Adults
10/28/17: A Writer's Life: Process, Craft, and Publication
10/28/17: Philanthropy 2017: New Politics, New Realities
10/28/17: Poem-a-Day: Poetry and Creativity as a Daily Practice
10/29/17: How to Foster the Essential Skills Adolescents Need to Thrive in College and Life
Courses & workshops starting the week of October 30:
10/30/17: The Creative Habit: Cultivating a Daily Writing Practice
10/30/17: Write a Novel in a Month: No Critics, No Fear
11/2/17: Building Interpersonal Skills: An Experiential Workshop
11/4/17: Excel Tips and Tricks
11/4/17: The Singer and the Song: Finding Your Authentic Voice
11/4/17: The History and Geography of Current Global Events
11/4/17: Larger Than Life: Creating Characters That Fly Off the Page
Courses & workshops starting the week of November 6 & 13:
11/8/17: California Coastal Photography: From Point Lobos to Big Sur
11/14/17: Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
Courses & workshops in December:
12/2/17: Demystifying Excel PivotTables
12/2/17: An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
12/2/17: The Art of Giving Impactful Feedback: Bridging Candor, Clarity, and Psychological Safety
12/3/17: Why English Sounds Like It Does: A One-Day Study of the Colorful World of English Accents
12/9/17: Adventurous Thinking: Five Lenses to See New Creative Possibilities