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Research Never Retires: How to Start a Research Project at Any Life Stage

"Lifelong Learning" is a mantra so many live by. But what about "Lifelong Research"? Join Stanford professor Tom Mullaney and UBC professor Chris Rea as they discuss opportunities on how to conduct original research later in life, including archival research, environmental science, ethnography, family history, and more.

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Tom Mullaney is professor of Chinese history at Stanford University, and a Guggenheim Fellow. He is the co-author of Where Research Begins (University of Chicago Press, 2022, with Christopher Rea), The Chinese Typewriter: A History (MIT Press 2017), and Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China (UC Press, 2010), among other works. His writings have appeared in Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, Quartz, the South China Morning Post, TechCrunch, the Journal of Asian Studies, Technology & Culture, Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Policy. His work has been featured in RadioLab, The Atlantic, the BBC, and in invited lectures at Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and more. He earned his BA and MA from Johns Hopkins University, and his PhD from Columbia University.

Christopher Rea is professor of Asian studies and former director of the Centre for Chinese Research at the University of British Columbia. A native of Berkeley, California, he earned a BA from Dartmouth College and a PhD from Columbia University, and has been a visiting fellow at Harvard University and at universities in Taiwan and Australia. His books include Where Research Begins (University of Chicago Press, 2022, with Tom Mullaney), Chinese Film Classics, 1922-1949 (2021), The Book of Swindles: Selections from a Late Ming Collection (2017, with Bruce Rusk), and The Age of Irreverence: A New History of Laughter in China (2015).
For questions regarding registration for the webinar, please email: continuingstudies@stanford.edu. Thank you!