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Summer Quarter

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Most Classes Begin Jun 24
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Thank you for attending! The videos are now available for viewing.
  • Student Virtual Reading: November 5 >> View Video
  • Student Virtual Reading: November 12 >> View Video

We hope you can join us for a special upcoming literary event featuring students who recently completed the Online Writing Certificate Program in Novel Writing. On November 5 and 12, we will be hosting readings to showcase these student authors and hear excerpts from their novels. Both events will begin at 6:00 pm (PT) and you are invited to join us for one or both nights.

Authors and Their Novels: Friday, November 5
Pamela Wescott: Burnt Umber
A birth daughter becomes a son, a Black child faces racial bullying, an artist friend with dementia wants to die consciously on a Wyoming mountain peak. These challenges are faced by Doro Banyan, a prickly, alcoholic Bostonian trying to piece her life together and atone for her family’s sins.
Derek Cressman: Reality™ 2065—Big Brother Gets Real
In this post-Orwell, pre-Matrix dystopian satire, Globalian consumers increasingly suspect that the virtual reality they’re being fed by corporate infotainment firms is not at all virtuous. But can they find the will to escape?
Christina Maria Paschyn: Connect Four
Luke and Linus just want ordinary pleasures in an ordinary life. But they are conjoined twins connected at the torso, and challenges abound including dating (one likes boys and the other likes girls), and their broke and overbearing parents who are reluctant to explore potentially dangerous surgery options. But just when the brothers resign themselves to a life alone together forever, they meet the charismatic Trina and her out-and-proud cousin Isaac. Suddenly life doesn’t seem so hopeless anymore.
Alexis Robinson: Bug Bites
A teenage girl wants to hide her illness so that she can continue living in Rockdale. Can she evade health inspectors who must quarantine anyone infected with the Mersk virus?
Erica Minniti: Three Days of Donnybrook
Four unhappy strangers—downward-spiraling rockstar Vance, broken bookworm Hannah, burnt-out mom Jennifer, and awkwardly refined Cole—attend a raucous 3-day music festival in which they will battle inner demons and close friends alike.
Stephen Taylor: Mansion of Bliss
Only Ted Campbell knows that London is about to be flooded, yet he’s stuck in a tunnel on the Underground. Can he protect the abandoned baby girl who will one day save the planet?
Authors and Their Novels: Friday, November 12
Nancy Conyers: A Walk in the Mist
A laowai (foreign) expat lesbian couple lives in modern-day Shanghai, one a white American and the other an ABC, American Born Chinese. The story explores their relationship to being both insiders and outsiders in the beauty that is China.
Keith George: The Evening of Bartholomew Jones
Yanked from his lethargy, Bart Jones, curmudgeon, reenters life through outrageous tales of his past, battles with a young shrink, and new and lost loves.
Linda Shevloff: An Astrologer Talked to Marianna Zorsky
A commune-dwelling fortune teller and her artistic adolescent son challenge establishment hypocrisy and face their own dark secrets in the hippie era.
Brian DePardo: She Was Violet Green
Brooks is a computer science major with a life plan. Violet Green is a musician and activist with big ideas. When Brooks is thrust into Violet's world, he has to choose between sticking to his life plan or joining Violet on her quest to change the world.
Drewry Wolf: 6701
An unraveling mother’s autobiographical heartbreaking love letter to her bright and quirky son William—his coming-of-age story goes horribly wrong over time, unfolding and twisting into a puzzling disaster waiting to happen: an impossibly cruel, immersive tragedy.
Vera Naujoks: Idle Hands ​
Fritzi, a young woman in East-Berlin in the summer of 1988, leaps at an opportunity to escape the socialist system and live her dream of being a pianist, a career she had been denied for political reasons. But life in West-Berlin is full of diversions and when the wall comes down one cold November night, she is afraid to return home with idle hands. This is a story about loyalty, love, and being young in the late 1980’s whilst the world is watching.
Jeanette Zaichkin: Dead Cat Bounce
Mousey little Rachel Gridley has waited her entire life for her mother’s prediction to come true: that Rachel’s exasperating alcoholic father would die at any moment so they could live happier lives. When her mother dies instead, middle-aged Rachel defers her own life once again to oversee her father’s remaining years. It’s only when Rachel is free that she faces her biggest challenges: confronting her own faults, trusting the love of a good man, and taking bold steps to make a new version of her life.