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Summer Quarter

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Most Classes Begin Jun 22
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Webinar: Leadership by Design: The Six Traits of a DEO (Design Executive Officer)

Instructor: Christopher Ireland, Adjunct Professor, Design, California College of the Arts; Co-Founder, Cheskin; Founder, Mix & Stir Studio

In this webinar, Christopher Ireland will review the six traits a DEO (Design Executive Officer) must have in order to succeed in today's changing landscape of leadership. She will also provide a short overview of how and why leadership traits evolve, the type of leaders our current circumstances demand, and why design thinking and related attributes provide a relevant model.

Date: June 19
Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:00 pm (PT)
Approx. length: 45 - 60 minutes
Format/Platform: Online/Zoom
Registration link: https://forms.gle/9bfq6EteLDPqTmfM8

About the speaker:
Christopher Ireland is a co-author of Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design and China’s New Culture of Cool. Previously, she was a founding partner and CEO of Cheskin, a consultancy focused on design innovation that supported Microsoft, Intel, PepsiCo, and Apple, among others. Ireland received an MBA from UCLA.

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