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Winter Quarter

Winter Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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There are still late-start courses available for registration this Winter Quarter. Enroll today!
Courses that begin the week of January 17:
1/18/22: Making High-Quality Decisions: A Practical Guide to Decision Analysis
1/18/22: Beginning Programming in Python
1/18/22: Leadership by Design: Using Design Thinking to Transform Companies and Careers
1/18/22: Choosing Happiness
1/19/22: The Plague Generation of 1348: Love, Death, Healing, Faith, and Friendship in Boccaccio’s Italy
1/20/22: Reading Antiquity: Historical Fiction Book Club
1/20/22: American Prophet: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
1/21/22: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
1/22/22: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Beyond
1/22/22: The Art of Opening in the Moment: Relationships Simplified
1/23/22: Digital Food Photography: Shooting and Styling
Courses that begin the week of January 24:

1/24/22: Leadership Skills for Women in the Workplace: How to Aim High and Achieve Impact
1/24/22: Mapping Your Path to Career Satisfaction
1/24/22: Making Short Videos: The Art of Storytelling
1/24/22: Magazine Writing: Becoming the Writer That Editors Need
1/24/22: Rapid Prototyping: Learn What Users Really Want
1/24/22: The Power of the Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and Leading Others
1/25/22: People Analytics: How to Build a Talent Advantage
1/25/22: The Greatest British Novel: George Eliot’s Middlemarch
1/25/22: Building, Scaling, and Managing Digital Marketplaces
1/25/22: Creating Customers for Life: How to Understand, Measure, and Drive Loyalty
1/25/22: Leadership in the New World of Work
1/25/22: Creating and Producing Your Own Podcast
1/26/22: The Short Story for Absolute Beginners
1/26/22: The Art of Effective Interpersonal Communication
1/26/22: Shoot, Edit, and Produce Your Own Video with the iPhone
1/26/22: Shakespeare and His Elizabethan World
1/27/22: Project Management: An Introductory Hands-On Course
1/28/22: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
1/29/22: The Art of the Interview: Techniques to Cultivate Great Material
1/30/22: Voting Rights Advocacy and Mobilization

Courses that begin the week of January 31:
1/31/22: Beginning Drawing
1/31/22: The Geology and Wines of California and France
1/31/22: Building Successful Startups: Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Share Ideas for Next-Stage Growth
1/31/22: Find Meaning at Work Based on Behavioral Science and Design Thinking
1/31/22: Travel Photography: Around the Corner and Around the World
1/31/22: Business Presence and Persuasion: Communication for Effectiveness
1/31/22: Blockchain Technology and Its Applications
2/1/22: Governance for Startup Board Members
2/1/22: Plundered Art: The History and Ethics of Art Collection
2/2/22: Building a Career of Meaning and Impact
2/2/22: What Ails Democracy and How to Fix It
2/3/22: New Year, New Metabolism
2/3/22: Creating and Editing Great Videos: From Script to Final Cut
2/3/22: Discovering the Roman Lyric Poets
2/3/22: Be Your Own Developmental Editor: Shape Your Manuscript for Publication
2/3/22: Beginning Digital Photography
2/3/22: The Right to Speak: Finding and Freeing Your Natural Voice
2/5/22: The Songwriting of The Beatles: Abbey Road and Let It Be
2/5/22: Firing Up Your Novel: Inspiration and Strategies to Keep Your Writing on Track
2/5/22: Nonverbal Communication: The Power of Body Language and Voice
Courses that begin the week of February 7:
2/7/22: Mastering the Job Interview: A Strategic Approach
2/8/22: How to Strengthen Your Online Privacy and Security
2/9/22: From Writer to Author: Navigating the Twisty Path to Publication
2/9/22: Sports Photography
2/10/22: Building Interpersonal Skills Online: An Experiential Workshop
2/10/22: Building a Better Business Model: The Key to Successful Innovation
2/10/22: Legal Toolkit for Technologists and Innovators
2/11/22: Critical Communication Skills in Negotiation
2/12/22: Art and Anatomy: The Basics of Human Proportions
2/12/22: Introduction to iPhoneography: Using Your Smartphone to Make Extraordinary Images
2/12/22: How to Think Like a Futurist: A Strategic Approach
2/13/22: Introduction to iPhoneography: Using Your Smartphone to Make Extraordinary Images
Courses that begin the week of February 14:
2/14/22: Leading Data-Driven Organizations
2/14/22: Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat
2/14/22: Social Media Marketing
2/14/22: A Ticket to the Truth: Getting Started in Creative Nonfiction
2/14/22: Big Tech, Big Battles: What's Ahead for America's Internet Giants
2/14/22: Establishing a Creative Writing Practice
2/15/22: Technology and Psychological Health: Sanity in a Digital Life
2/15/22: Accent Reduction for Non-Native Speakers of English
2/16/22: Exit Strategies: Maximizing the Value of Your Company
Courses that begin the week of February 21:
2/23/22: Create Better Product Stories Using Deep Customer Insights
2/24/22: The Impact of Mental Illness on the Human Brain
2/26/22: Demystifying the Middle East: A Primer
2/26/22: The Science of Being Memorable and Influencing Decisions
Courses that begin in March 2022:
3/5/22: Women Leaders: Mastering Influence, Authenticity, and Power
3/5/22: Planning for Your Late-Life Brain: Habits You Can Build Now to Improve Cognitive Function Later
3/5/22: The Energetic Universe: An Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology
3/5/22: Conversational Intelligence: Increase Your Impact
3/12/22: iPhoneography: The Next Level