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Winter Quarter

Winter Courses Still Open
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There are still late-start courses available for registration this Winter Quarter. Enroll today!

Courses that begin the week of January 23:
1/23/23 Making High-Quality Decisions: A Practical Guide to Decision Analysis
1/23/23 The History of Computers
1/23/23 Beginning Programming in Python
1/23/23 Your Next Life Chapter: A Design Thinking and Behavioral Science–Based Approach
1/23/23 Powerful Drawing Techniques: Layering with Mixed Media
1/23/23 Beginning Drawing
1/23/23 Making Short Videos: The Art of Storytelling
1/23/23 The Geology and Wines of California and France
1/23/23 Sacred Mountains of the World: The Heights of Inspiration
1/23/23 Kind of Blue: Understanding a Jazz Masterpiece
1/23/23 A Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence
1/23/23 Developing Your Python Skills
1/23/23 Leadership Skills for Women in the Workplace: Aim High and Achieve Impact 
1/23/23 The Mindful Path to Health and Happiness: Science and Practice
1/24/23 Technology and Psychology: Sanity in the Digital Age
1/24/23 Compass Journey: Develop Strategies for Your Career and Life
1/24/23 The Stories and Plays of Anton Chekhov
1/24/23 Building, Scaling, and Managing Digital Marketplaces
1/24/23 The Refined Image: An Introduction to Post-Capture Editing
1/24/23 Create and Produce Your Own Podcast
1/24/23 The Global Crisis of Democracy
1/26/23 Cultivating Creativity in the Everyday
1/26/23 Mindful Communication: The Power of Relational Practice for Awareness and Compassion
1/28/23 How to Keep Your Story Going: A Memoir Workshop
1/28/23 Planning for Your Late-Life Brain: Build Habits Now to Improve Cognitive Function Later
1/28/23 Building Multi-Sided Platform Marketplaces
Courses that begin the week of January 30:
1/30/23 Strengths-Based Leadership: Increase Your Impact and Thrive
1/30/23 The Power of the Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and Leading Others
1/30/23 An Overview of Modern Psychotherapy Approaches
1/30/23 Data Analysis with Python
1/31/23 Governance for Startup Board Members
1/31/23 Make Sense of the Madness: The Business of College Sports
2/1/23 Building a Career of Meaning and Impact
2/1/23 Calligraphy Design and Norse Runes
2/2/23 Along the Watchtower: Six Photographers of America, 1966-1976
2/3/23 Negotiation Mastery: Achieve Outstanding Results and Relationships
2/4/23 Communicate with Impact and Purpose
2/4/23 Art and Anatomy: The Basics of Human Proportions 
2/4/23 Introduction to iPhoneography: Using Your Smartphone to Make Extraordinary Images
2/4/23 Machine Learning for Business with Python
Courses that begin in February:
2/7/23 The History of Reproductive Rights in the United States
2/9/23 The Basics of Digital Photography
2/13/23 Writing through Struggle
2/13/23 Social Media Marketing
2/13/23 Establishing a Creative Writing Practice
2/16/23 The Bleeding, Pounding Heart of Prose: The Art and Craft of the Sentence