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Summer Quarter

Summer Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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There are still late-start courses available for registration this Summer quarter. Enroll today!

Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 9:
7/9/18: The Art and Archaeology of Pompeii
7/9/18: An Introduction to Puccini: The Most Widely Performed Opera Composer Today
7/9/18: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: How Neuroscience Is Creating Smarter Technologies
7/9/18: Leadership by Design: Using Design Thinking to Transform Companies and Careers
7/10/18: Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning
7/11/18: Project Management: An Introductory Hands-On Course
7/11/18: Artificial Intelligence and Science Fiction: What Sci-Fi Films and TV Shows Can Tell Us About Our Future World
7/11/18: Tools for Strategic Management
7/12/18: Fiction Writing: Creating Unforgettable, Believable Characters
7/14/18: Agile Hands-On: Product Development with Scrum
7/14/18: Seven Essential Steps to Selling and Closing More Customers
7/14/18: Memorable Storytelling: Mastering a Powerful Business Tool
Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 16:
7/16/18: Lights, Camera, Action! A Hands-On Introduction to Video Production
7/19/18: Exercise Theory and Design for Health and Performance
7/20/18: Visual Storytelling: Creating a Narrative Through Photography
7/21/18: Influencer Marketing 101: Elevate Your Social Media Strategy
7/21/18: Prototype Your Future
7/21/18: Building a Career of Meaning and Impact
7/21/18: The Science of Being Memorable and Influencing Decisions
Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 23:
7/28/18: An Introduction to Website Optimization: Increase ROI and Acquire More Customers
7/28/18: Interpersonal Dynamics at Work: Develop a "User Guide"
7/28/18: Playful Mindfulness: A Two-Day Intensive
7/28/18: Jumpstart Your Novel
7/28/18: Effective Nonverbal Communication
Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 30:
7/30/18: Establishing a Creative Writing Practice
7/30/18: The Daily Photograph: Developing Your Creative Intuition
8/4/18: An Introduction to Neurological Disorders: ALS, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, and More
8/4/18: You Are What You Eat: Food Writing Bootcamp
Courses and workshops that begin the week of August 6:
8/11/18: Cities of Intrigue: Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Istanbul
8/11/18: Kickstart Your Memoir: How to Expand Your Personal Essay into a Book-Length Project
8/11/18: Excel Tips and Tricks
8/11/18: Extreme Draft Makeover