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Summer Quarter

Summer Quarter Underway
Late-Start Classes
Still Available
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There are still late-start courses available for registration this Summer quarter. Enroll today!

Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 8:
7/8/19: Lights, Camera, Action! A Hands-On Introduction to Video Production
7/8/19: Sympathy for the Devil: The History of the Rolling Stones
7/8/19: Leadership by Design: Using Design Thinking to Transform Companies and Careers
7/8/19: Mapping Your Path to Career Satisfaction
7/9/19: Smart Fiction of the Jazz Age: Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Wharton, and Others
7/10/19: Leadership Skills for Women in the Workplace: How to Aim High and Achieve Impact
7/11/19: Finding a Cure for Cancer
7/11/19: Charles Dickens's Masterpiece: Bleak House
7/13/19: The Science of Being Memorable and Influencing Decisions
7/13/19: Beginning Programming: Python
7/13/19: Marketing Without Money: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media
Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 15:
7/15/19: Making Short Videos: The Art of Storytelling
7/15/19: Establishing a Creative Writing Practice
7/15/19: The Art and Archaeology of Pompeii
7/17/19: Revolutions in Art: The Shock of the New
7/20/19: Shoot, Edit, and Produce Your Own Video with the iPhone
7/20/19: Four Hundred Years of Great Opera Performances: The Power of Charisma
7/20/19: Authentic Ways to Pitch Your Startup and Products
7/20/19: Using Cultural Awareness to Develop Successful Business Strategies
Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 22:
7/26/19: Scorsese and De Niro: A Cinematic Collaboration
7/27/19: An Introduction to Anatomy at the Stanford School of Medicine: Exploring the Ear
7/27/19: Strategy from the Edge: Building Inclusive, Adaptive, and Actionable Strategies for Your Organization
7/27/19: Understanding Memory Loss as We Age
7/27/19: Memorable Storytelling: Mastering a Powerful Business Tool
7/27/19: Agile Project Management: Facilitating a Product Development Team with Scrum
7/27/19: Excel Tips and Tricks: Pivot Tables, IF Statements, and VLOOKUP
Courses and workshops that begin the week of July 29:
7/29/19: Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat
Courses and workshops that begin the week of August 5:
8/10/19: Innovations in Product and Service Design: How Gaming Can Motivate You and Your Customers
Courses and workshops that begin the week of August 12:
8/12/19: Introduction to Statistics (ICME Workshop)
8/12/19: Linear Algebra (ICME Workshop)
8/13/19: Introduction to Python (ICME Workshop)
8/13/19: Introduction to Mathematical Optimization (ICME Workshop)
8/13/19: Introduction to Programming in R (ICME Workshop)
8/14/19: Introduction to Machine Learning (ICME Workshop)
8/15/19: Introduction to Deep Learning (ICME Workshop)
8/16/19: Introduction to High-Performance Computing (ICME Workshop)
8/16/19: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (ICME Workshop)
8/17/19: Interactive Data Visualization in D3 (ICME Workshop)