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Fall Quarter

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This Fall, select Continuing Studies courses will be Berry-eligible for employees participating in Stanford’s BeWell program.
**In order to receive a Berry, students must take the course for Credit or a Letter grade.** Students will be asked to choose the credit option during the registration process. The Continuing Studies program will report student attendance to the BeWell office at the conclusion of the quarter. And, as always, all Continuing Studies courses are STAP-fund eligible.  
Fall courses that are Berry-eligible include: 

Course: Sports Nutrition (SCI 46)
Instructor: Clyde Wilson, Research Associate, Biochemistry, UC San Francisco
Schedule: 9 weeks, Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9:00 pm, Sep 26 - Dec 5
Format: On-campus course

Properly coordinating your nutrition with exercise can dramatically improve your exercise benefits, including weight loss, health, and performance. In this course, we will examine how nutrition for performance addresses delaying fatigue, driving adaptation, and speeding recovery. Delaying fatigue requires hydration and fuel supply, and proper recovery demands a broad spectrum of nutrients. Adaptation (the body’s ability to improve through changes in gene expression) is also influenced by nutrition. For example, staying hydrated and keeping alcohol intake low can naturally increase testosterone and growth hormone production by 25 percent or more. 

This course will review the science of sports nutrition and will guide you in applying this information to your own personal sports nutrition program. The important foundations of your program are separated into what you are consuming during and right after exercise (calories, fluids, electrolytes) and throughout the rest of your day (meals, snacks, hydration). By covering both theory and application, the course will be equally relevant to those interested in the science and those wanting to improve their exercise results.

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Course: Diet and Gene Expression: You Are What You Eat (BIO 03 W)
Instructor: Lucia Aronica, Postdoctoral Researcher in Epigenetics and Nutrition, Stanford School of Medicine
Schedule: 5 weeks, Oct 29 - Dec 7
Format: Online course

We tend to think that good genes make us thin and healthy, whereas bad genes make us fat and sick. But what if we could turn our “good” genes on and our “bad” genes off, and improve our overall health, by making the right dietary and lifestyle choices? The science of epigenetics suggests we can do that.<br/><br/>In this course, we will provide an introduction to epigenetics, the study of how lifestyle factors can change gene activity without actually modifying the underlying DNA. With that basic foundation in place, students will discover how food is a powerful signal to our genes that can have a positive impact on our metabolism, longevity, and mental well-being. We will specifically explore basic concepts in nutrigenomics, the study of how gene expression can be modified by certain nutrients and bioactive food compounds. We will have live question-and-answer sessions with two of the world’s leading scientists in this field, Professor Randy Jirtle (University of Wisconsin) and Professor Michael Skinner (Washington State). Using the information covered in this course, along with data gleaned from personal DNA testing (e.g., 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and Genos), students will be able to design a personalized nutrition action plan to positively impact their gene expression.

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Course: Excellence Is No Accident: Mental Skills Training for Work, Sport, and Life (PDV 33)
Instructor: Glenn Brassing, Professor of Psychology, Sonoma State University
Schedule: 8 weeks, Thursdays, 7:00 pm - 8:50 pm, Sep 27 - Nov 15
Format: On-campus

Learn to apply the mental training techniques used by the world’s greatest athletes, performing artists, and business leaders to enhance your performance in all aspects of life. This highly practical course will teach you how to create the optimal mental state necessary for success and happiness in almost any endeavor. You will learn how to increase your concentration, overcome fatigue, enhance your mood, build confidence, and effectively master the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of work, sport, and life. During this course, you will implement a health behavior and mental skills training program to achieve goals that can have an enduring, positive influence on the quality and success of your life. This course is for students who wish to learn how to perform at their full potential with poise, calm, and grace in the midst of the increasing pressures associated with life in Silicon Valley.

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For more information about Stanford's BeWell program, please visit: https://bewell.stanford.edu/