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Another Look: William Henry Hudson’s Green Mansions

EVT 570
Oct 30
7:30 pm
Bechtel Conference Center, Encina Hall
Status: No Registration Required

The Another Look book club focuses on short classics that have been forgotten, neglected, or overlooked—or may simply not have received the attention they merit. The selected works are short, in order to encourage the involvement of Bay Area readers whose time may be limited. Subscription to anotherlook.stanford.edu is encouraged for regular updates and details on the selected books and events.

William Henry Hudson’s Green Mansions

First published in 1904, William Henry Hudson’s Green Mansions seamlessly blends 19th-century romanticism with the ecological imperatives that would come to the forefront in the 20th century. Its protagonist, Abel Guevez de Argensola, flees to the Venezuelan interior after launching a failed coup in Caracas with his friends. In the remote jungles and savannas, he lives among the native people, learning their language and their ways. While exploring the terrain, he hears strange bird-like singing and discovers a young woman with a mysterious story. His love for her desolates and transfigures his life.

Join us for a discussion of Green Mansions, a novel that celebrates the astonishing revelation of nature: not only its beauty, but also its power, implacability, and its dual roles of terror and mystery in a world marred by violence, massacres, and the destruction of peoples and ways of life. According to novelist and playwright John Galsworthy, “All Hudson’s books breathe this spirit of revolt against our new enslavement by towns and machinery, and are true oases in an age so dreadfully resigned to the ‘pale mechanician.’… A very great writer; and—to my thinking—the most valuable our age possesses.”

Following the discussion will be a question- and-answer session with the panelists.

Robert Pogue Harrison
Rosina Pierotti Professor of Italian Literature, Stanford; Host of “Entitled Opinions” (KZSU radio); Director, Another Look

Charles Junkerman
Associate Provost and Dean of Continuing Studies, Stanford

Laura Wittman
Associate Professor of French and Italian, Stanford
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