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The Life Art Science Technology (LAST) Festival

EVT 541
Friday and Saturday
Mar 23—Mar 24
Stanford SLAC
Status: No Registration Required
The Life Art Science Technology (LAST) Festival on March 23-24, in the futuristic setting of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, will combine a program of science talks and art installations to discuss how technology is changing the nature of humanity and what role Silicon Valley is playing: How far can biomedicine extend life? Can a machine make art? Can we hack consciousness? What will virtual worlds do to our real world?

Speakers include:
Michael Snyder, Genetics, Stanford University
Ken Goldberg, Robotics, UC Berkeley
Maya Ackerman, Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University
Melissa Merencillo, Virtual/Augmented Reality Evangelist
Piero Scaruffi, Cultural Historian & Festival Founder
Dave Deamer, Biomolecular Engineering, UC Santa Cruz
Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacker
Alison Gopnik, Psychology, UC Berkeley
Jennifer Dionne, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Steve Omohundro, Institute for Blockchain Studies
Vivienne Ming, Theoretical Neuroscientist

Art installations include work by:
Jonathon Keats, Experimental Philosopher
Kal Spelletch, Kinetic Artist
Amy Karle, Bio-artist
Scott Kildall, Cross-disciplinary Artist
Purin Phanichph, Interdisciplinary Artist
Curated by Joel Slayton, Digital Media Art Pioneer

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