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WSP 307 — Visual Thinking: Working with Pictures

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Sunday
Course Format: On-campus course
Duration: 1 day
Date(s): Apr 23
Time: 10:00—4:00 pm
Drop Deadline: Apr 16
Unit: 0
Tuition: $225
Instructor(s): Christina Wodtke
On-campus course
10:00—4:00 pm
Apr 23
1 day
Drop By
Apr 16
0 Unit
Christina Wodtke
In school we learn to write as a fundamental building block for communication, and drawing is shunted away to “art class.” But scientists like Darwin and Marie Curie, presidents from Jefferson to Obama, and mathematicians, choreographers, and composers all have used sketching to give form to their ideas. Words are abstract and ambiguous, and can lead to miscommunication. We say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why do we discard this critical tool?

Drawing is not just for so-called creatives. Drawing allows you to ideate, communicate, and collaborate with your team. Stop talking around your vision, and get it on the whiteboard where your team can see it! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an engineer, or a product manager, drawing will make you better at your job. In this workshop, you will go from “can’t draw a straight line” to visually representing complex ideas. First, we’ll demystify the act of sketching. Through a series of activities and exercises, we’ll cover the fundamental building blocks of visual communication. You’ll learn easy ways to draw the most common images, from people to interfaces. Next, we’ll tackle making storyboards, product flows, and interfaces. We’ll finish by working with charts, mental models, and canvases. This is a hands-on workshop, so come with paper, pencils, and pens, and be ready to make your mark.

Due to its short format, this workshop may not be taken for Credit or a Letter Grade.

Christina Wodtke, Product Creation and Business Innovation Consultant

Christina Wodtke has led redesigns and initial product offerings for such companies as LinkedIn, Myspace, Zynga, Yahoo, Hot Studio, and eGreetings. She has founded three startups and Boxes and Arrows, an online magazine of design, and she co-founded the Information Architecture Institute. She is a co-author of Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web and Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results.

Textbooks for this course:

(Recommended) Sunni Brown, The Doodle Revolution (ISBN 1591847036)