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BUS 174 — The Business of Self-Driving Cars

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Tuesdays
Course Format: On-campus
Duration: 9 weeks
Date(s): Apr 3—May 29
Time: 7:00—8:50 pm
Drop Deadline: Apr 16
Unit: 1
Tuition: $550
Instructor(s): Sudha Jamthe
Status: Open
7:00—8:50 pm
Apr 3—May 29
9 weeks
Drop By
Apr 16
1 Unit
Sudha Jamthe
Twenty self-driving cars being tested on Silicon Valley roads are redefining the future of human mobility. Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry by simply adding an autopilot mode to its electric cars. The US Postal Service has promised autonomous mail trucks. Voyage offers an autonomous taxi to a senior community in San Jose. Google’s self-driving car (Waymo), Lyft, GM’s Cruise, and all automakers are on a billion-dollar quest. The top five automakers have promised an autonomous vehicle by 2021, when revenue from autonomous vehicles is estimated to be $42 billion globally. We are on the cusp of new business models, new vehicle designs, and the transformation of industries—automotive, transportation, freight, insurance, infrastructure, and others.

This course will teach entrepreneurs and business leaders about the autonomous-vehicle landscape, including the technology, business drivers, regulations, and autonomous-vehicle data. Students will learn a framework for building new businesses in this dynamic space and how to find gaps to innovate, creating new opportunities for their companies. This framework will encompass mobility solutions, product management, design, market development, partnership, and business models.

Guest speakers from the autonomous-vehicle industry, transportation companies, and other new innovative businesses will augment the class learning. Scheduled participating speakers include: German Matchniff (test engineer, Tesla); Kyle Columbus (program launch manager for future transportation, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development); Oliver Cameron (CEO, Voyage); Umair Akeel (chief technology officer in residence, Bessemer Venture Partners); and Jane Ren (CEO and co-founder, Atomiton).

Sudha Jamthe, CEO, IoT Disruptions

Sudha Jamthe is a technology futurist and the author of three books on the Internet of Things as well as the recent book 2030 The Driverless World. She hosts The IoT Show on YouTube. She has more than twenty years of digital transformation and operational experience in IoT, mobile, and ecommerce at eBay, PayPal, Harcourt, and GTE. She is the chair of the strategic advisory board for Barcelona Technology School. Jamthe received an MBA from Boston University.

Textbooks for this course:

(Recommended) David Kerrigan, Life As A Passenger: How Driverless Cars Will Change The World (ISBN 978-1548048846)
(Required) Sudha Jamthe, 2030 The Driverless World: Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles, Stanford Edition 2 (ISBN 978-1973753674)
(Recommended) Evangelos Simoudis, The Big Data Opportunity in our Driverless Future (ISBN 978-0998067711)