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Fall Quarter

Fall Registration Opens Aug 22
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CS 78 — No-Code AI: Unlocking Business Potential

Quarter: Fall
Day(s): Wednesdays
Course Format: Live Online (About Formats)
Duration: 6 weeks
Date(s): Oct 12—Nov 16
Time: 7:00—8:50 pm (PT)
Refund Deadline: Oct 14
Unit: 1
Tuition: $410
Instructor(s): Gauthier Vasseur
Class Recording Available: Yes
Status: Registration opens Aug 22, 8:30 am (PT)
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Live Online(About Formats)
7:00—8:50 pm (PT)
Oct 12—Nov 16
6 weeks
Refund Date
Oct 14
1 Unit
Gauthier Vasseur
Registration opens Aug 22, 8:30 am (PT)
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
You’ve heard the promise that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are profoundly significant to both business and society. But the related learning curves necessary for practical use seem daunting: Do you need to learn code? Do you need to know math or statistics? Do you need to be a data scientist? Not necessarily. This hands-on course will present the keys for applying AI to your business without writing a single line of code. While logic and interest in analytics are important foundations for learning, no-code solutions are making the power of AI and ML accessible to anyone eager to see beyond traditional analysis.

This course will remove technical barriers and instead focus on approaches that matter most: the ability to express relevant business questions, manage data preparation and quality, select and assess the outcomes of algorithms, deliver a relevant interpretation of results, mitigate biases, and show leadership that drives impact. In this course, we will discuss real-world case studies—including predicting healthcare spending and insurance fraud detection—and hear from guest speakers from Google, Salesforce, and Genentech. By the end of the course, students will understand both AI and ML algorithms for unlocking business potential while keeping AI humane, ethical, and inclusive.

Prior experience in business analytics is helpful.

Business Analytics Leader; Author; Strategist

Gauthier Vasseur has been working in business analytics and AI for large organizations such as Oracle, Google, and many data tech startups, helping global customers from all industries harness their data to improve their businesses. He is the executive director of Berkeley's Fisher Center for Business Analytics and co-founder of the Alliance for Inclusive AI. He focuses on driving awareness, education, and diversity in analytics. Vasseur received an MBA from l’Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales (EDHEC) in France.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.