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COM 59 — Mindful Communication: The Power of Relational Practice for Awareness and Compassion

Quarter: Fall
Day(s): Mondays
Course Format: Live Online (About Formats)
Duration: 7 weeks
Date(s): Oct 4—Nov 15
Time: 6:00—8:05 pm (PT)
Refund Deadline: Oct 6
Unit: 1
Grade Restriction: No letter grade
Tuition: $475
Instructor(s): Ted DesMaisons
Limit: 30
Class Recording Available: Yes
Status: Open
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Live Online(About Formats)
6:00—8:05 pm (PT)
Oct 4—Nov 15
7 weeks
Refund Date
Oct 6
1 Unit
Grade Restriction
No letter grade
Ted DesMaisons
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Relationships of all kinds can generate our greatest joys and, paradoxically, stimulate our greatest suffering. For both those reasons, they make a particularly rich ground for true development. In this course, we’ll use mindful awareness as a tool for deepening communication, and we’ll use communication as a vehicle to strengthen our mindfulness practice.

Drawing on the Insight Dialogue work of Gregory Kramer, a meditation teacher since 1980, we’ll explore six mutually supportive mindful communication themes: pause, relax, open, trust, listen deeply, and speak the truth. In particular, students will learn to release old habits of speech and listening, embrace the power of silence, notice arenas of vulnerability and confidence, find words that carry meaning more precisely, and turn the stress of relating into an avenue for personal growth. The course will combine the elements of play and interpersonal engagement and is appropriate for those beginning or continuing their own mindfulness practice.

This course approaches concepts introduced in the instructor’s other courses, “The Right to Speak: Finding and Freeing Your Natural Voice” (COM 63) and “Playful Mindfulness” (PDV 103). While these courses build upon one another, each course can be taken independently as well.

Founder and Principal, ANIMA Learning

Ted DesMaisons has studied, performed, and taught improvisation internationally, is a trained Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor, and has studied with British acting, voice, and presence coach Patsy Rodenburg. He co-hosts Monster Baby, a podcast on improvisation and mindfulness, and he is the author of Playful Mindfulness. He received an MBA from Stanford and a MTh from Harvard.

Textbooks for this course:

(Required) Gregory Kramer, Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path to Freedom (ISBN 978-1-59030-485-3)