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WSP 14 — Memorable Storytelling: Mastering a Powerful Business Tool

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Saturday
Course Format: On-campus
Duration: 1 day
Date(s): May 4
Time: 10:00 am—4:00 pm 
Drop Deadline: Apr 27
Unit: 0
Grade Restriction: NGR only; no credit/letter grade
Tuition: $310
Instructor(s): Carmen Simon
Status: Open
10:00 am—4:00 pm 
May 4
1 day
Drop By
Apr 27
0 Unit
Grade Restriction
NGR only; no credit/letter grade
Carmen Simon
We keep hearing about the brain being wired for stories. We know the importance of setting, character, and action as we devour news, novels, and movies. But there is so much more to storytelling, especially when applied to business settings. When sharing stories in a business context, the most important question to ask is: Will this story influence others’ behavior? For a story to be persuasive, it has to be memorable, because decision-makers will act in your favor (or not) based only on what they remember. This workshop will help you to create the types of stories that stay on people’s minds long enough to influence their behavior. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to use three effective science-based techniques for making any story memorable in a business context and providing their audiences’ brains with elements they need to encode a story so it is memorable in the long term. You will also determine the optimal amount of narrative you can use when you communicate scientific and technical information. After all, you want to be memorable and credible in front of existing and prospective customers.

This is a hands-on workshop. Come prepared to immediately apply the principles you learn and to work with your peers to see improvements in your approach to content.

Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist

Carmen Simon consults with major corporations on human memory and decision-making processes. Simon is the author of Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions. She received PhDs in instructional technology and cognitive psychology, with a focus on neuroscience.