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DSN 60 — Designing Change in Times of Disruption

Quarter: Winter
Day(s): Wednesdays
Course Format: Live Online (About Formats)
Duration: 4 weeks
Date(s): Jan 13—Feb 3
Time: 7:00—8:30 pm (PT)
Drop Deadline: Jan 15
Unit: 0
Grade Restriction: NGR only; no credit/letter grade
Tuition: $275
Instructor(s): Christopher Ireland, Maria Giudice
Limit: 45
Status: Registration opens Nov 30, 8:30 am (PT)
Please Note: Some of our refund deadlines have changed. See this course's drop deadline above and click here for the full policy.
Live Online(About Formats)
7:00—8:30 pm (PT)
Jan 13—Feb 3
4 weeks
Drop By
Jan 15
0 Unit
Grade Restriction
NGR only; no credit/letter grade
Christopher Ireland, Maria Giudice
Registration opens Nov 30, 8:30 am (PT)
Please Note: Some of our refund deadlines have changed. See this course's drop deadline above and click here for the full policy.
For years, many companies have navigated a space where competition, innovation, and planning had to repeatedly change, almost overnight, or they would lose their strength in the marketplace. Then the pandemic hit. For many of us, this one-two punch complicated our goals and confused our ambitions. With no official “how-to” guide, we’re now expected to discover, or at least support, a new normal for ourselves, our teams, our communities, maybe even the world. Developing design thinking skills can help. In this course, incorporating discussions, breakout exercises, and hands-on assignments, we'll learn how to apply design thinking techniques to manage change during challenging times. First, we will explore how disruptions set the conditions for extraordinary innovation and change. Next, we’ll consider how change feels to ourselves and others, and how that feeling might vary—in positive or negative ways—depending on the situation. We will explore how to envision, navigate, and lead change using design thinking practices and processes to help overcome resistance. Finally, we will learn how to design a change strategy by gathering key information and insights, accurately identifying opportunities, creating powerful alliances, and influencing with integrity and authenticity. Students will come away from this course possessing an effective process for garnering company-wide support to lead change and inspire innovation.

Christopher Ireland, Adjunct Professor, Design, California College of the Arts; Co-Founder, Cheskin; Founder, Mix & Stir Studio

Christopher Ireland is a co-author of Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design and China’s New Culture of Cool. Previously, she was a founding partner and CEO of Cheskin, a consultancy focused on design innovation that supported Microsoft, Intel, PepsiCo, and Apple, among others. Ireland received an MBA from UCLA.

Maria Giudice, Adjunct Professor of Design and Member, Board of Trustees, California College of the Arts

Maria Giudice coaches and leads workshops to train executives and their teams in creativity. She is the founder and former CEO of the user experience design firm Hot Studio, which was acquired by Facebook in 2013. There and later at Autodesk, she led global UX design teams that created human-centered experiences for millions of people around the world. She is the co-author of three design books, including Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, which has been translated into several languages.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.