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Winter Quarter

Winter Registration Opens Nov 29
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BUS 284 — Create Better Product Stories Using Deep Customer Insights

Quarter: Winter
Day(s): Wednesdays
Course Format: Live Online (About Formats)
Duration: 4 weeks
Date(s): Feb 23—Mar 16
Time: 7:00—8:50 pm (PT)
Refund Deadline: Feb 25
Unit: 0
Grade Restriction: NGR only; no credit/letter grade
Tuition: $380
Instructor(s): Cristian Mitreanu
Class Recording Available: Yes
Status: Registration opens Nov 29, 8:30 am (PT)
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Live Online(About Formats)
7:00—8:50 pm (PT)
Feb 23—Mar 16
4 weeks
Refund Date
Feb 25
0 Unit
Grade Restriction
NGR only; no credit/letter grade
Cristian Mitreanu
Registration opens Nov 29, 8:30 am (PT)
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Powerful product narratives stem from deep customer insights. Six decades after Harvard's Theodore Levitt famously said, “People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole,” few would argue about the importance of customer understanding. Nevertheless, exposed to shorter product lifecycles and more substitutes, organizations struggle to fully capitalize on their businesses and the associated opportunities. What problems are you solving? What are you offering? What is valuable to the customer today will be less so tomorrow. Some will appreciate your product’s fresh functionality, while others will choose to wait for lower prices and higher reliability.

This course will introduce a novel perspective on human behavior. In line with recent findings in neuroscience, the new theory describes how needs are naturally generated and structured as interrelated parts of the same whole. With real-world case studies of companies including Apple and Google, we will discuss ways of understanding the customer and how those insights are distributed throughout a company to materialize that knowledge into successful products. By the end of the course, students will learn how to take a systematic approach to identify customer journeys (i.e., chains of needs), deeper and unseen motivators (i.e., higher-level needs), and other general insights, which can then be easily translated into simple yet powerful narratives.

Founder, Ofmos Universe

Cristian Mitreanu is an experienced product marketing professional, currently building a simulation-based learning platform. He created the game Ofmos and founded TEDxUIUC. As a researcher, he developed the one-need theory of behavior. He received an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.