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COM 57 — Copywriting for Effective Marketing Communications

Quarter: Summer
Day(s): Wednesdays
Course Format: On-campus course
Duration: 6 weeks
Date(s): Jun 28—Aug 2
Time: 6:30—9:00 pm
Drop Deadline: Jul 11
Unit: 1
Tuition: $375
Instructor(s): J. Cafesin
Limit: 30
On-campus course
6:30—9:00 pm
Jun 28—Aug 2
6 weeks
Drop By
Jul 11
1 Unit
J. Cafesin
Copywriting is the art of marketing—selling—with words. Unlike writing fiction, or industry nonfiction, copywriting content is always marketing, and should not only entertain, but should also motivate an action on the part of the viewer. Effective copywriting captures people’s attention, builds your brand, and motivates the viewer to buy your offering—or to buy into your messaging.

Before penning actual copy, we will identify the difference between fine writing and copywriting, then demonstrate how to use marketing fundamentals to guide the direction and content of your ad campaigns and business communications. Concepts from psychology and sociology will be closely examined to uncover what motivates people to act. As the course unfolds, students will learn to choose the right words in their copy and incorporate arresting visual design, and to create advertising and marketing material with impact and with CTAs (calls to action) that motivate response—get more views, clicks, and even sales. Practical copywriting techniques will help you craft compelling headlines, tweets, and microposts, and employ storytelling methods that keep readers engaged.

Students will leave this course better able to conceive and write advertising and marketing campaigns— campaigns that communicate ideas quickly and concisely, capture attention, and lead to the desired response.

J. Cafesin, Founder, Target Media Design; Co-Founder, Smart Mail Builder

J. Cafesin is a creative director and marketing communications specialist. Her clients have included Six Flags, Southland Associates, The Learning Company, CA Technologies, Genentech, CBS, NBC, 1st Nationwide Bank, and HP, among others. She is also a social advocacy blogger and a romance and science fiction author.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.