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BUS 97 — Contemporary Business Issues in Sports (CANCELLED)

Quarter: Fall
Day(s): Tuesdays
Course Format: On campus
Duration: 10 weeks
Date(s): Sep 27—Dec 6
Time: 7:00—8:50 pm
Drop Deadline: Oct 10
Unit(s): 2 Units
Tuition: $515
Status: Cancelled
Please Note: No class on November 22
On campus
7:00—8:50 pm
Sep 27—Dec 6
10 weeks
Drop By
Oct 10
2 Units
Please Note: No class on November 22
Just added! Based on the national debate on the 49ers Colin Kaepernick position on the National Anthem, the first session will be an in-depth discussion with representatives from both sides of the issue.

This course will examine the major issues that are part of the day-to-day business of sports on professional, collegiate, and youth levels. Each session will investigate how sports and their constituencies deal with a major issue of the day. Thought leaders of sports organizations will join students on topics that are making news. We will discuss how the globalization of sports is changing the way North American sports do business (with the success of international pro leagues, will athletes say no to the NBA, the NHL, and Major League Baseball?); youth sports (where has play for the sake of fun gone?); new media (what does the future of mobility mean to live viewership?); women’s sports and the challenges they face both on the pro and collegiate levels to generate revenue (women’s soccer and basketball are extremely popular on the youth level, but pro leagues are struggling for fans); and whether it is more important for teams and schools to win or to make money. We will also discuss the NCAA and unionization, as well as how concussions and their financial impact will continue to be a major issue for all sports.

The course is useful to managers of all types of businesses who are looking to understand how they can translate the complexities of the sports business into their own corporate strategies. It is also appropriate for general sports fans who are interested in the inner workings of sports.

Tentative guest speakers include:

(1) Peter Moore (Chief Competition Officer, EA Sports)
(2) Mark Purdy (Sports Columnist, San Jose Mercury News)
(3) Sally Ann Reiss (Founder, Playyon)
(4) Jim Thompson (Founder and CEO, The Positive Coaching Alliance)
(5) Ros Gold-Onwude (TV commentator, Golden State Warriors and the Rio Olympics)
(6) Ted Robinson (Sportscaster, San Francisco 49ers Football, the Rio Olympics, and Pac-12 Sports)
(7) Bernard Muir (The Jaquish & Kenninger Director of Athletics, Stanford)
(8) Matt Levine (Founder, Source USA)
(9) Andy Dallin (Founder, ADC Consulting)
(10) Jeremy Howell (Program Director, Collegiate Athletics and Masters Program, USF)
(11) Michael Lynch (Head of Consulting, Nielsen)
(12) Ted Griggs (President, Comcast SportsNet)

If sports is a passion of yours, you might also be interested in “Inside College Football: Competition, Commerce, and Controversy” with instructor Gary Cavalli and several guest speakers. For more information, please visit the course page.

Andy Dolich, President, Dolich Consulting

Andy Dolich is the director of professional development at the University of San Francisco MA in Collegiate Athletics Program. He has held executive positions in the NFL (San Francisco 49ers), the NBA (Golden State Warriors), and MLB (Oakland A’s). He is the sports business analyst for CSN Bay Area and a contributing columnist for the Sports Business Journal.

Textbooks for this course:

No required textbooks