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WSP 104 — Agile Project Management: Facilitating a Product Development Team with Scrum

Quarter: Fall
Day(s): Saturday and Sunday
Course Format: On-campus
Duration: 2 days
Date(s): Nov 3—Nov 4
Time: 9:00 am—4:00 pm
Drop Deadline: Oct 27
Unit: 1
Grade Restriction: No letter grade
Tuition: $530
Addtl. Fee: $20 (non-refundable)
Limit: 30
Instructor(s): Martin Vonderheiden
Status: Open
Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am—4:00 pm
Nov 3—Nov 4
2 days
Drop By
Oct 27
1 Unit
Addtl. Fee: $20 (non-refundable)
Grade Restriction
No letter grade
Martin Vonderheiden
A crucial tenet of successful project management is adjusting your methods to the type of project. Agile is an alternative method to traditional plan-driven project management. It is used in a wide range of applications to rapidly deliver better products. Originally used for software development, Agile practices are now applied in non-IT areas such as operations, marketing, research, and development. Agile works terrifically well for the iterative development of new products and becomes more challenging with complex products in large organizations.

In this hands-on workshop, we will take a deep dive into Scrum, which is the most widely used Agile practice. According to a 2015 survey by the Scrum Alliance, 95 percent of Agile organizations use Scrum as their development approach. Scrum is a container framework that you can combine with other Agile practices. It is based on a small number of principles and rules that can be used to rapidly deliver better results. Over two days, you will learn how to use Scrum in teams and how to scale Scrum in large organizations. We will practice Scrum roles, processes, and artifacts in group exercises, simulations, and case study discussions. This course can help you dramatically increase your team productivity, improve your product quality, and reduce time to market.

Scheduled guest speakers include Moshe Gotesman (Program Manager, Google), Alida Cheung (Agile Coach, Workday), and Florence Juge-Boulogne (CIO Chief of Staff, Atlassian).

This course includes a non-refundable materials fee of $20 to be paid at the time of registration.

Martin Vonderheiden, General Manager, MAVO Institute; Program Director USA, StartupLeadership.com

Martin Vonderheiden has more than fifteen years of experience in product and program management roles at startups and Fortune 500 companies. His past employers and clients include Citi, AIG, SAP, and Credit Suisse. He has received PSM, SAFe, PMP, and CSSBB certification, as well as an MS in industrial engineering and business administration from Technische Universität Kaiserslautern.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.