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PHOTO 10 W — The Daily Photograph: Developing Your Creative Intuition

Quarter: Summer
Course Format: Online (System Requirements)
Duration: 5 weeks
Date(s): Jun 24—Jul 26
Drop Deadline: Jun 27
Unit: 1
Grade Restriction: No letter grade
Tuition: $340
Instructor(s): Joel Simon
Limit: 45
Status: Closed
Please Note: Online courses have a new refund policy. The full tuition refund deadline for this course is June 27 at 5:00 pm (PT); 50% tuition refund deadline is July 2 at 5:00 pm (PT).
Jun 24—Jul 26
5 weeks
Drop By
Jun 27
1 Unit
Grade Restriction
No letter grade
Joel Simon
Please Note: Online courses have a new refund policy. The full tuition refund deadline for this course is June 27 at 5:00 pm (PT); 50% tuition refund deadline is July 2 at 5:00 pm (PT).
The camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera.
—Dorothea Lange

Access to imagery has never been easier than in our digital age. Our phones and cameras are capable of producing hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of photos, but to what end, and to what beginning? This online course is designed for photography enthusiasts who want to build a creative practice of making photos every day. In this course, you will conscientiously use a camera to explore your sense of vision and to enhance your ability to see—with or without a camera. The course will be centered on a daily photography prompt that you can respond to from wherever you are, using the camera of your choice (from an SLR to your mobile phone). The assumption is that you understand the basics of photography and are ready to explore your own creativity and awareness through the daily use of your camera. The daily exercises will be designed to hone photographic intuition and develop visual fluency. Our online classroom will include a photo-friendly online gallery (available only to students enrolled in the course) in order to facilitate communication between students and the instructor as well as studentto- student interactions. While there will be inevitable discussion of various photographic techniques, this online course emphasizes the use of photography to foster creative visualization and awareness. In addition to making images, students will learn to see better—with and without a camera.


  • Course sizes are limited.
    You won't have 5,000 classmates. This course's enrollment is capped at 45 participants.

  • Frequent interaction with the instructor.
    You aren't expected to work through the material alone. Instructors will answer questions and interact with students on the discussion board and through weekly video meetings.

  • Study with a vibrant peer group.
    Stanford Continuing Studies courses attract thoughtful and engaged students who take courses for the love of learning. Students in each course will exchange ideas with one another through easy-to-use message boards as well as optional weekly real-time video conferences.

  • Direct feedback from the instructor.
    Instructors will review and offer feedback on assignment submissions. Students are not required to turn in assignments, but for those who do, their work is graded by the instructor.

  • Courses offer the flexibility to participate on your own schedule.
    Course work is completed on a weekly basis when you have the time. You can log in and participate in the class whenever it's convenient for you. If you can’t attend the weekly video meetings, the sessions are always recorded for you and your instructor is just an email away.

  • This course is offered through Stanford Continuing Studies.
    To learn more about the program, visit our About Us page. For more information on the online format, please visit the FAQ page.

Students must have some previous photography experience and access to a camera, and must be able to share their photos online. Because of the higher enrollment compared with a traditional on-campus photography course, students will not receive instructor feedback on every daily photography post. Students may request light instructor feedback on two finished photographs during the quarter. The course also includes links to selected instructional videos, various interactive exercises, and discussion with fellow students, as well as optional online videoconferencing sessions.

Joel Simon, Documentary and Fine Art Photographer

Joel Simon studied with Leo Holub and has worked as an editorial and fine art photographer for four decades. His documentary assignments have taken him to nearly every country around the globe. His work has been published in Vanity Fair, Time, GEO, Condé Nast Traveler, the Chicago Tribune, and Sunset.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.