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ASL 01 — Introductory American Sign Language

Quarter: Fall
Day(s): Thursdays
Course Format: On-campus
Duration: 9 weeks
Date(s): Sep 26—Dec 5
Time: 7:00—9:05 pm
Drop Deadline: Oct 9
Units: 2
Tuition: $495
Instructor(s): Cathy Haas
Limit: 27
Status: Closed
Please Note: No class on October 17 and November 28
7:00—9:05 pm
Sep 26—Dec 5
9 weeks
Drop By
Oct 9
2 Units
Cathy Haas
Please Note: No class on October 17 and November 28
American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual form of communication using hand gestures, body movement, and facial expressions. A language unto itself, ASL differs from English in grammar and syntax. In this course, students will learn the basic skills of communicating with people in ASL through lectures, discussions, and video presentations. Students will also be exposed to grammatical concepts, storytelling, and visual and gesture skills. The course will provide an introductory overview about American Deaf culture, with a special focus on the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. The course will also cover historical, social, and political aspects of ASL. By the end of this course, students will be able to exchange greetings, engage in simple conversations, and better understand Deaf culture in the United States. They will also be able to communicate more effectively with friends, family, or others they may know who use American Sign Language.

Cathy Haas, Lecturer in American Sign Language, Stanford

Cathy Haas has been at Stanford since the mid-1970s. She collaborated on research with Stanford’s Department of Psychology on the language and communication of Koko the gorilla. She has authored various papers about ASL and created an interactive video on the topic for the IEEE Computer Society.

Textbooks for this course:

(Required) Richard Tennant and Marianne Brown, The Amercian Sign Language Handshape Starter: A Beginner's Guide (ISBN 9781563681301)