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ART 19 — Exploring Graphic Novels

Quarter: Winter
Day(s): Mondays
Course Format: Live Online (About Formats)
Duration: 6 weeks
Date(s): Jan 23—Mar 6
Time: 7:00—8:50 pm (PT)
Refund Deadline: Jan 25
Unit: 1
Grade Restriction: No letter grade
Tuition: $375
Instructor(s): Mark Fearing
Limit: 20
Class Recording Available: Yes
Status: Open
Please Note: No class on February 20
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Live Online(About Formats)
7:00—8:50 pm (PT)
Jan 23—Mar 6
6 weeks
Refund Date
Jan 25
1 Unit
Grade Restriction
No letter grade
Mark Fearing
Please Note: No class on February 20
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Graphic novels are having their moment. In 1964, comics critic and historian Richard Kyle coined the term “graphic novel” in reference to Japanese and European comics because it better reflected the longer and more intricate stories emerging at the time. Now the term applies to books for every age group on topics spanning joyous young reader material to insightful, in-depth journalism and dramatic personal stories. Why is this format so compelling now? What does it offer readers that other media do not?

In this course, we will explore all aspects of the graphic novel, beginning with a brief investigation of the history of visual storytelling dating back millennia. We’ll examine European, American, Japanese, and Chinese traditions that have historical relevance in defining today’s graphic novels. And we’ll cover practical considerations: What is the market for graphic novels? How does one query graphic novel publishers? As a writer, what portions of the narrative actually end up on the page? As an illustrator, what do submissions look like? What narrative possibilities does this unique format offer?

Through lectures and short projects supplemented by visits from industry editors and writers, students in this course will develop their understanding of this fascinating medium and ultimately will have an opportunity to turn their own story ideas into a manuscript mock-up.

This course is designed for anyone interested in visual storytelling.

Author; Illustrator

Mark Fearing is an author and illustrator with more than 25 books published by the Big 5 publishers. He works with material for young readers. Fearing received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and attended UCLA’s MFA animation program, leaving early to work for Walt Disney Television Animation.