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WSP 316 — An Introduction to Macro Photography

Quarter: Summer
Day(s): Sundays
Course Format: On-campus course
Duration: 2 days
Date(s): Aug 6—Aug 13
Time: 10:00 am—4:00 pm
Drop Deadline: Jul 30
Unit: 1
Tuition: $280
Instructor(s): Reid J. Thaler
Limit: 20
Status: Open
On-campus course
10:00 am—4:00 pm
Aug 6—Aug 13
2 days
Drop By
Jul 30
1 Unit
Reid J. Thaler
Macro photography is the art of taking the minuscule and often unseen world, experiencing it deeply, and highlighting its unique ability to produce striking images rich in color, shapes, and mystery. In this course, we will celebrate the natural world and learn to photograph close up where a flower becomes a world of its own. In this workshop, students will learn what macro photography is, what different magnification methods there are, and the trade-offs of each approach over the others. We will also discuss equipment choices and shooting techniques, including lighting and exposure, depth of field, and focusing. We will address challenges that shooting macro photography presents and how software can overcome some of the inherent limitations of cameras and lenses. On day two, there will be a class review and critique of assignments. Students will receive group and individual support with time divided between learning the tools and techniques of macro photography and shooting in the field. Students will leave knowing the tools, and they will develop the skills to photograph close up and confidently and produce captivating images.

This course is for students with digital camera experience.

Students should bring an adjustable camera that can focus to within a few inches of the lens (DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with a macro lens, extension tube, or other close-up lenses are ideal), a tripod, and patience to explore, practice, and play. If available, bring a laptop with your favorite image-editing program installed.

Reid J. Thaler, Photographer

Reid J. Thaler has taught digital photography at various colleges and arts venues throughout the Bay Area, including the College of Marin and Santa Rosa Junior College. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of students take their photographic skills to the next level by improving their technique and teaching them to use state-of-the-art digital software.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.