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SCI 42 — An Introduction to Cognitive Science

Quarter: Fall
Day(s): Saturdays
Course Format: On-campus course
Duration: 9 weeks
Date(s): Oct 7—Dec 16
Time: 10:00 am—12:05 pm
Drop Deadline: Oct 27
Units: 2
Tuition: $480
Instructor(s): Paul Li
Status: Open
Please Note: No class on October 14 and November 25
On-campus course
10:00 am—12:05 pm
Oct 7—Dec 16
9 weeks
Drop By
Oct 27
2 Units
Paul Li
Please Note: No class on October 14 and November 25
Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of the mind. It began with philosophers, who for centuries have puzzled over the nature of the human mind and raised some major questions for us to study. For instance, what is the mind’s relationship to the brain? And what, in fact, is the mind? Is it an entity in itself, or is “mind” simply another word for the brain? Or does the mind somehow emerge out of the activity of the brain?

This subject has been investigated by researchers in a variety of fields. Philosophers and scientists—cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists, linguists, anthropologists, and those who work with artificial intelligence—have all, in various ways, been studying aspects of the mind/brain connection. Essentially, they are studying what it is to be human. This course will demonstrate some of the major methodologies in the field and critically examine both scientific and popular case studies to understand such topics as the nature of knowledge, memory, vision, imagery, language, and consciousness. Students will come away from this course with a better understanding of how the mind operates.

Paul Li, Lecturer in Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley

Paul Li is the co-author of the textbook The Cognitive Sciences, and has written for Scientific American Mind and Psychology Today. He was the first founding research scientist at Lumosity, an online neuroscience research and brain training company. He was also an episode consultant for National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-nominated series Brain Games. He has taught at Seoul National University and the Indian Institutes of Technology. He completed his graduate studies in neuroscience at Columbia.

Textbooks for this course:

(Required) Carolyn Sobel & Paul Li, The Cognitive Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 2nd Edition (2013) (ISBN 978-1412997164)