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CW 139 — Irresistible Prose: A Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Tuesdays
Course Format: Live Online (About Formats)
Duration: 8 weeks
Date(s): Apr 11—May 30
Time: 6:30—9:20 pm (PT)
Refund Deadline: Apr 13
Units: 2
Tuition: $630
Instructor(s): Monica Wesolowska
Limit: 21
Class Recording Available: No
Status: Open
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Live Online(About Formats)
6:30—9:20 pm (PT)
Apr 11—May 30
8 weeks
Refund Date
Apr 13
2 Units
Monica Wesolowska
DOWNLOAD THE SYLLABUS » (subject to change)
Fiction and creative nonfiction writers can learn important storytelling skills from each other. Some of those skills include developing memorable characters, incorporating effective dialogue, creating evocative imagery, observing the world for just the right facts and details, and bringing all this together in a vividly irresistible prose style. In this course, we will study a variety of tools in the toolboxes of successful fiction and nonfiction writers. In addition, we will talk about strategies for finding the truth in your own writing and the ethics of blurring the boundary between genres. We will read a wide variety of work by such writers as James Baldwin, Laleh Khadivi, Annie Proulx, and Mohsin Hamid. Weekly writing exercises will expand your craft, voice, and style. By the end of the course, you will have a revised draft of fiction, nonfiction, or something in between, as well as a new understanding of the storytelling strategies available when you tackle any future writing project.

Author; Editor

Monica Wesolowska is the author of the memoir Holding Silvan: A Brief Life (named a Best Book of 2013 by The Boston Globe) as well as two children's books, Leo + Lea and Elbert in the Air. Her essays and short stories have been published in a wide variety of venues, including The New York Times. For almost two decades, she has taught creative writing and worked with clients as an independent editor.

Textbooks for this course:

There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.