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BUS 101
Marketing for Non-Marketing Professionals: An Introduction

Kevin Epstein, Marketing Executive


You may be interested in the following courses:

  • BUS 03: Financial Planning, Part II
  • BUS 123 W: Value Investing: An Online Course
  • BUS 127: Does Advertising Still Matter? Using Time-Tested Techniques Today
  • BUS 128: Mergers and Acquisitions: A Hands-On Approach
  • BUS 129: Understanding and Designing the Future of Work in Organizations
  • BUS 130: Leadership and the Enneagram: Become the Leader You Really Want to Be
  • BUS 131: The Creative Entrepreneur: Innovation Through Design Thinking
  • BUS 132: Building Strong Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
  • BUS 133: Bring Quality and Discipline to Your Data: The Keys to Data Governance
  • BUS 134: Scalable Innovation: Creating Ideas for Technology-Driven Growth
  • BUS 138: Insights and Tools for Creative Thinking
  • BUS 15: Agile Practices and Product Management: A Hands-On Approach
  • BUS 204: Angel Investing for the Serious Investor
  • BUS 216: New Investment Strategies and Opportunities
  • BUS 217: Getting from an Early Idea to a Real Business
  • BUS 218: Marketing Without Money
  • BUS 227: Clean Energy and Transportation: Market and Investment Opportunities
  • BUS 228: Courageous Leadership
  • BUS 38: Product Management: The Art and Science of Building Great Products
  • BUS 88: Creating Executable Business Strategies