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Spring Quarter

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BUS 101
Marketing for Non-Marketing Professionals: An Introduction

Kevin Epstein, Marketing Executive


You may be interested in the following courses:

  • BUS 104: The Art and Logic of Fundraising
  • BUS 105: Cloud Computing: Selling and Marketing SaaS Solutions to the Enterprise
  • BUS 110: How to Start Your Business: From Idea to Business Plan
  • BUS 112: Business Presence and Persuasion: Face-to-Face Communication for Effectiveness
  • BUS 12 W: Incubate Your Startup: An Online Course
  • BUS 125: Marketing a Brand: Aligning Promise and Experience
  • BUS 126: Manufacturing Essentials for Innovators
  • BUS 135: Unleashing Creative Innovation and Building Great Products
  • BUS 136: Thinking Like an Innovator: From Idea to Income (CANCELLED)
  • BUS 139: Data-Driven Marketing
  • BUS 140: Adventurous Thinking: New Pathways to Creative Problem Solving
  • BUS 141: Getting to Purchase: Sales Promotion with the Click of a Mouse
  • BUS 143: Ride the Big Data Wave and Make It Work for You
  • BUS 231: Leadership and Governance in Nonprofits
  • BUS 38 W: The Art and Science of Product Management: An Online Course
  • BUS 53: Leadership and Decision-Making