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WSP 172
Coffee: From Tree to Beans to Brew and Everything in Between


You may be interested in the following courses:

  • WSP 03: "Start" to Finish: Mapping Out Your Creative Nonfiction Book Project
  • WSP 07: Drawing for the Traveler: The Sketchbook
  • WSP 102: The Entrepreneurial Writer: How to Self-Publish a Book Using Today's New Media Tools
  • WSP 119: Virtual Presenting
  • WSP 125: A3 Thinking: A Powerful Scientific Approach to Problem-Solving
  • WSP 171: The Craft of Fiction: Character and Plot
  • WSP 180: An Acting Intensive: Shakespeare Without Fear
  • WSP 181: Mastering Mediation Methods: Attaining Win-Win Conflict Resolution Results
  • WSP 186: From Zero to Sixty: Publishing Your Creative Work
  • WSP 19 A: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
  • WSP 19 B: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
  • WSP 195: How Much? Valuing Business and Investment Opportunities
  • WSP 198: An Investigation of Neurological Disorders
  • WSP 216: The Art of Perseverance
  • WSP 230: Memoir Workshop: Writing the First Chapter
  • WSP 234: The Best Camera: Making Images with Your Mobile Device
  • WSP 236: Women Leaders: Mastering Influence, Authenticity, and Power
  • WSP 240: Gender and Creating Strong Relationships
  • WSP 241: Coach (and Be Coached) Like a CEO
  • WSP 242: Technical Elevator Speech Workshop: Getting to "Tell Me More!"
  • WSP 251: Presentation Tools
  • WSP 255: The Making of a Writer: John Steinbeck and the World of Cannery Row
  • WSP 263: Video Creation and Editing
  • WSP 264: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Seminar
  • WSP 270: Novel Writing: Answering the Top Ten Questions
  • WSP 41: Incubate Your Startup: The Essentials
  • WSP 57: Setting Up a Home Network