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WSP 172
Coffee: From Tree to Beans to Brew and Everything in Between


You may be interested in the following courses:

  • WSP 06: Excel Tips and Tricks
  • WSP 101: One-Day MFA
  • WSP 103: Fiction Writing: Building a World in Six Easy Steps
  • WSP 15: Screenwriter for a Day
  • WSP 164: Planning for 21st-Century Retirement
  • WSP 18: Mastering Your iOS Device: Using Your iPhone and iPad to Their Full Potential
  • WSP 19: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
  • WSP 190: California Coastal Photography: From the Monterey Peninsula to Big Sur
  • WSP 214: Allying with Your Inner Critic: Strategies for Transforming Negative Self-Talk
  • WSP 231: Jumpstart Your Children's Book
  • WSP 237: Writing the Memoir: The "Lighter" Moments
  • WSP 248: Personal Branding and Internet Reputation Management
  • WSP 252: Giving Wisely: Practical Steps to Make the Most of Your Charitable Dollars
  • WSP 254: Estate Planning in Plain English
  • WSP 256: Awaken the Actor Within
  • WSP 263: Creating and Editing Video
  • WSP 272: A Writer's Life: Process, Craft, and Publication
  • WSP 29: The Science of Willpower and Change: An On-Campus Workshop
  • WSP 37: Playing Through Writer's Block
  • WSP 46: Building a Career of Meaning and Impact
  • WSP 50: PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
  • WSP 54: Beyond Negotiation Mastery: Advanced Theory and Practice for Negotiation
  • WSP 64: Revolution: The Songwriting of The Beatles
  • WSP 64 B: Revolution: The Songwriting of The Beatles
  • WSP 75: Effective Nonverbal Communication
  • WSP 75 B: Effective Nonverbal Communication
  • WSP 77: A Poetry Workshop with Edward Hirsch at Tor House
  • WSP 85: The Essentials of Effective Public Speaking
  • WSP 90: Food Literacy 101: The Key to Eating Healthy and Sustainable Food