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Spring Quarter

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Most Classes Begin Mar 30
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WSP 172
Coffee: From Tree to Beans to Brew and Everything in Between


You may be interested in the following courses:

  • WSP 03: Kickstarting Your Creative Nonfiction Project: Writing the Personal Essay
  • WSP 06: Excel Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • WSP 10: Understanding Legal Issues Around Websites, Apps, and Social Media
  • WSP 113: Coaching: The Indispensable Leadership Skill
  • WSP 12: Mindfulness: A Practical Approach for Life and Work
  • WSP 126: Creative Expression in Writing
  • WSP 164: Planning for 21st-Century Retirement
  • WSP 165: Managing Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • WSP 17: Befriending Fear of Failure: Clearing a Path to Your Goals
  • WSP 179: The Exceptional Leader: A Framework for Effective, Ethical, and Impactful Leadership
  • WSP 18: Mastering Your iOS Device: Using Your iPhone and iPad to Their Full Potential
  • WSP 187: Talking About Dialogue: Making Speech an Event in Your Novel and Stories
  • WSP 19 A: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
  • WSP 19 B: Negotiation Mastery: Achieving Outstanding Results and Relationships
  • WSP 21: An Introduction to Anatomy at the Stanford School of Medicine
  • WSP 210: Exploring the Middle Grade and Young Adult Novel
  • WSP 212: Computer Security and Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age
  • WSP 222: Critical Craft Elements for Unlocking Your Story‚Äôs Potential
  • WSP 223: As I Remember You: Exploring Healing and Loss Through Writing
  • WSP 224: How to Make Better Product Decisions
  • WSP 238: Beat Poets in San Francisco: A Weekend Retreat Seminar in North Beach
  • WSP 242: Making Effective Elevator Pitches for Science and High-Tech Professionals
  • WSP 246: Women Leaders: Mastering Organizational Strategy
  • WSP 256: Awaken the Actor Within
  • WSP 260: Help Yourself: Strategies for Making Positive Changes in Your Life
  • WSP 261: You've Finished Your Book: What's Next?
  • WSP 46: Building a Career of Meaning and Impact
  • WSP 47: Innovative Strategies for Overcoming Writer's Block
  • WSP 75: Effective Nonverbal Communication