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Fall Quarter

Fall Registration Now Open
Most Classes Begin Sep 22
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Code Title
EGL 122 W
Writing Creative Nonfiction with The New York Times (Online Course)

Rusty Dolleman, Former Stegner Fellow, Stanford

John Leland, National Correspondent, The New York Times


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  • EGL 01: An Introduction to Creative Writing
  • EGL 06 W: The Making of a Story: An Introduction to Creative Writing (Online Course)
  • EGL 13 W: The Art of Mysteries and Thrillers: Plot, Action, and Characterization (Online Course)
  • EGL 142 W: Magazine Writing: Being Pitch Perfect (Online Course)
  • EGL 22 W: Anatomy of a Premise Line: Seven Steps to Foolproof Story Development (Online Course)
  • EGL 57 W: Writing Toward Mindfulness: A Creative Journey (Online Course)
  • EGL 96: Overcoming Writing Blocks and Procrastination