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EGL 122 W
Writing Creative Nonfiction with The New York Times (Online Course)

Rusty Dolleman, Instructor and Writing Program Coordinator, Stanford MLA Program; Former Stegner Fellow, Stanford

John Leland, National Correspondent, The New York Times


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  • EGL 126: An Introduction to Screenwriting: You Oughta Be (Writing) in Pictures
  • EGL 128 W: Creative Writing for People with Day Jobs
  • EGL 57 WA: Writing Toward Mindfulness: A Creative Journey
  • EGL 57 WB: Writing Toward Mindfulness: A Creative Journey
  • EGL 62: Captivating Your Readers: How to Write a Compelling Opening
  • EGL 64 W: Writing About Spirituality
  • EGL 71: Creative Expression in Writing
  • EGL 72 W: Transporting the Reader: The Art of Description
  • EGL 83 W: The Freelancer's Life: Magazine Writing